The Zennström Green Mentorship Award was created by Zennström Philanthropies to support individual clean tech startups as well shine a spotlight on entrepreneurs in Sweden working to tackle climate change and create a low carbon future.

The GMA programme for 2014/2015 has expanded to provide business mentorship and business development services for 4 innovative early stage Swedish clean technology companies with the overall winner receiving personal mentorship from Niklas Zennström.

What do you win if you apply for the Green Mentorship Award?

    Four winners will receive business mentorship from leading experts as well as access to the industry programme led by Cleantech Inn Sweden and go-to-market strategy sessions with Serendipity Innovations. The overall winner will receive prize money to the value of 1MSEK from VINNOVA along with mentorship and access to business development services.

    The 2014/2015 winners are Swedish Algae Factory, Energimolnet, Bioptech and Watty. The winners were announced at a ceremony in Stockholm on the 17th December 2014.

Past winners of the Green Mentorship Award

Past Finalists

  • Jonas Norrman and his team at Green IT Homes. This is a technology platform that increases energy efficiency in buildings – it is an add on solution for existing energy systems and can benefit both the energy supplier and the consumer.

  • Göran Folkesson and his team at Clean Motion. The team have developed a three wheeled light weight electric vehicle called a Zbee, by using the lightest of materials to construct the vehicle design this innovation needs less energy to run on the road making it extremely energy efficient and it emits zero noise and local pollution.

  • Erik Andersson and his team at Efficax Energy. They have developed a product called Solar Flex, it is a junction box that has a complex valve system that can help a household save on electricity costs by utilizing solar energy without having to change the internal infrastructure of a home.

  • Per Olofsson of Climate Well AB. The technology that Climate Well focus on is thermal heat pump components that incorporate a unique energy storage mechanism and cost competitive design.

  • Anders Lindgren of Optistring. The technology that Optistirng is developing is a unique power inverter system for grid connected solar power installations that intends to improve energy harvesting and system profitability for solar PV power systems.

  • Mehrdad Mahdjoubi of Orbital Systems AB. The technology that Orbital Systems AB is working on is related to domestic water consumption. By applying Selective Nano Recycling Technology to a water application it can help to reduce water consumption, reduce energy consumption and provide cleaner water through it’s purification system.

  • Sigvald Harryson of InnoVentum. The technology relates to climate smart solutions based on extensive use of recycled and renewable materials and pioneering carbon negative wooden towers for a whole range of turbines.

  • Greenbyte is a software company in the renewable energy sector. Their products bring decreased risk to investments in renewable energy, organizational efficiency and quicker time to market for developers of renewable production assets.Data is combined from fragmented sources into manageable and coherent information used for investment decisions in renewable energy.Our customers are utilities, developers, consultants and manufacturers of measurement equipment. Greenbyte are based in Gothenburg, Sweden.

  • Ocean Harvesting are innovators in renewable electricity generation. The Ocean Harvester is a point absorber based on a patented mechanical power takeoff (transmission) using a counterweight for power smoothing. The power takeoff greatly improves energy capture, efficiency and load factor in wave power systems.


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Over the course of a year, the Zennström Green Mentorship Award is offering a comprehensive business development, go-to-market and business mentorship programme for a cohort of Swedish entrepreneurs with disruptive or transformative technologies to take advantage of the commercial and business development opportunities available on the market.

We are pleased to announce that this year we are partnering with Cleantech Inn, Serendipity Innovations, Venture Cup and VINNOVA.

The application process for the Green Mentorship Award has now closed. If you want to find out more information please contact [email protected]


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