Human Rights

Zennström Philanthropies human rights work focuses to advance the cause of human rights. It works to promote, respect and strengthen the principles and values of human rights, and the rule of law.

It focuses on preventing further closure of civic space, and on protecting the foundations of open democracies. We do that by pressing for changes in policy and practice by governments and other state actors to promote and protect human rights.

The work also focuses on ensuring those with power, in power and all perpetrators of gross abuses are held account, to apply the law, respect rights and secure justice. In this way we believe there is positive lasting change.

We believe in fundamental human rights, justice and freedoms, equality and dignity of all people, and the rule of law.

Zennström Philanthropies human rights works supports mainly 4 organisations –


Global Fund for Human Rights

Freedom Fund

Civitas Maxima

Zennström Philanthropies human rights partners with


Global Philanthropy Forum

The Philanthropy Workshop

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